LEARN TO SAIL PROGRAM sailing lessonsall in the water learning to swim

Some of our kids have had the opportunity to participate in a program that allows them to experience the adventures in sailing. The kids are taught the fundamentals of sailing and learn to master sailing in their own small sailboat. The program teaches seamanship while exposing the kids to fresh air and water and the opportunity to add new skills while enhancing personal growth.                                             








The Young Eagles program was designed by the US Experimental Aircraft Association to give kids between the ages of 8 to 17 an opportunity to experience flight in a general aviation airplane while educating kids about aviation. The program was launched in 1992. With the help of one of our volunteers, who is an experienced licensed pilot, many of our kids have had the opportunity to take flight. The program exposes our kids to an opportunity they never would have dreamed possible and encourages them to believe in themselves. 





learning to rideMaple Crest Horse Farms has hosted our Nehemiah kids to a day at the farm. During the day the kids get to have hands-on experience with the horses. The day begins with a tour and then the kids get to experience grooming the horses, feeding the horses and then riding the horses. This is something that is very special to our kids. For most, its the very first time that they have been up close and personal with a horse. The experience gives kids a greater appreciation for animals and the responsibilities involved in raising them.

  kids on horseback