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Who We Are


►   Our program gives kids a safe place to come between 3-6:30pm.

These hours, known as the “danger zone” hours, are when kids are more likely to become victims or perpetrators of crime. It's also a time when they experiment or engage in risky behavior. The reason is simple: Many parents work and kids have no structured place to go after school. 

►   Our program's after school homework assistance helps kids improve upon the lessons they learn during school hours.

►   Our program offers nutrition education and fun recreational/physical activity that helps combat childhood obesity.

►   Our program encourages and teaches models for new behavior.

►   Our program consistently empowers kids by giving them life skills/ tools that builds leadership mindsets.

►   Our program teaches kids the importance of  giving back to their community;  This is not another entitlement program.

►   Our program exists as a place to bless kids and the community thru a holistic approach, (mind, body, and spirit), using Christ-centered principles.


In 2009, Campbell School was purchased so that we could provide an afterschool program for our area kids. What started with one refurbished classroom and six (6) kids has grown into a full-scale program utilizing most of the building and accommodating up to 100 kids. 

At Nehemiah we offer educational and faith services, age-appropriate activities, mentoring, and guidance aimed at spiritual, physical, and relational well being to the kids of Sandusky. We believe that by Encouraging, Empowering and Educating our kids, they can pursue the fullness of their God-given potential.

Every Summer, Nehemiah offers a FREE Summer program camp designed for kids to have fun while developing team building skills, project skills, physical condition and agility. 


Our Values

Relationships: With God and with each other

Authenticity: Being genuine in who we are

Diversity: Appreciation of individual uniqueness

Excellence: Giving our best in what we do



The mission of the Nehemiah Partners is to Encourage, Empower and  Educate our kids to pursue the fullness of their God-given potential through holistic programming based upon Christ-centered principles. We provide a safe and engaging environment to meet the Three E’s for the kids that attend.


The Nehemiah Board and staff are committed to growing our Center and its programming to reach as many kids and their families. We will continue to add adequate staffing and volunteers so that the center can be open five (5) days a week.


Relationships: With God and with each other

Authenticity: Being genuine in who we are

Diversity: Appreciation of individual uniqueness

Excellence: Giving our best in what we do

The Campbell School was built in 1885 and operated as a school until 2004. It was sold in 2009 along with 2 other iconic structures in Sandusky to Dr. Richard Koonce for Five Dollars ($5.00). At the time of his purchase at auction Dr. Koonce had a vision of using these buildings for the good of the community. Campbell School was chosen for the location of an afterschool program for area youth. What started in 2009 in one refurbished classroom with six (6) kids has grown into a full-scale program utilizing most of the building and accommodating up to 100 students. In the summer Nehemiah hosts over 125 kids in its summer camp program.

The Nehemiah Board and staff are committed to growing our Center and its programming to reach as many kids and their families as possible with the resources we have available.  

Nehemiah gets no government funding. All of our operating capital comes from generous gifts from committed donors and Community Foundations. God has blessed Nehemiah with many resources and gifts along the way, like our beautiful historic building, the financial support of committed supporters, and the incalculable hours of time spent by the wonderful individuals to make the Nehemiah Center what it is: an opportunity to change children’s lives and make a difference in our community, all for the glory of God!

Nehemiah Partners was registered as an Ohio nonprofit corporation on June 14, 2007.  A copy of our IRS authorization as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization is available upon request.

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What We Do



The Nehemiah Center offers all of kids homework assistance as soon as they arrive. While finishing their homework, they bond and build relationship with the volunteers that come faithfully to help support the importance of our kids academic growth.


We have a computer lab that is equipped with age/grade appropriate games and educational activities preloaded on each computer. The kids also have the opportunity to view spiritual lesson plans designed for them by their peers addressing the many challenges they face in today’s world. It also gives them tools using spiritual principles.


We keep our kids moving with various activities while introducing them to some new and exciting games. A considerable amount of research exists to suggest that youth participation in structured recreational activities is associated with a number of positive outcomes, including reductions in antisocial behavior, aggression, and criminal behavior.


With the help of our very creative volunteers, we are able to help kids develop their creativity in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. These classes encourage our kids to develop new talents, confidence, and self-esteem while exploring a broad spectrum of the arts and humanities.


The Kids Cafe, in partnership with The Second Harvest Food Bank, provides healthy snacks and nutritious hot meals (meats, dairy, breads, fruits, vegetables). This is possible because of the many committed volunteers that come in and prepare and serve the meals.


We also offer the following additional workshops to our kids on a bi-weekly programs. These programs will allow our kids to develop important life skills which will prepare them for a successful future.


We have a licensed nutritionist from The Ohio State University that provides nutrition education twice a month using the curriculum from MyPlate and Snap-Ed Connection programming. With this workshop, our kids learn how to prepare healthy snacks and the importance and value of how to incorporate the dietary guidelines into their diet that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

KIDS CARE CLUB: The Nehemiah Center kids have the opportunity to give back through this program monthly by engaging in community service projects with The Erie County Volunteer Center. By participating in this awesome program, the kids also learn about themselves, their value to the community, and their places in the natural world.



LEARN TO SAIL PROGRAM sailing lessons 

Some of our kids have had the opportunity to participate in a program that allows them to experience the adventures in sailing. The kids are taught the fundamentals of sailing and learn to master sailing in their own small sailboat. The program teaches seamanship while exposing the kids to fresh air and water and the opportunity to add new skills while enhancing personal growth.                                             







The Young Eagles program was designed by the US Experimental Aircraft Association to give kids between the ages of 8 to 17 an opportunity to experience flight in a general aviation airplane while educating kids about aviation. The program was launched in 1992. With the help of one of our volunteers, who is an experienced licensed pilot, many of our kids have had the opportunity to take flight. The program exposes our kids to an opportunity they never would have dreamed possible and encourages them to believe in themselves. 



learning to rideMaple Crest Horse Farms has hosted our Nehemiah kids to a day at the farm. During the day the kids get to have hands-on experience with the horses. The day begins with a tour and then the kids get to experience grooming the horses, feeding the horses and then riding the horses. This is something that is very special to our kids. For most, its the very first time that they have been up close and personal with a horse. The experience gives kids a greater appreciation for animals and the responsibilities involved in raising them.

  kids on horseback


SUMMER CAMP: summer camp fun

Every year Nehemiah offers a Summer camp during the month of July. This program is designed for kids to have fun while developing team building skills, project skills, physical condition and agility. Its also a great time for them to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  For 2018, our Summer camp will be held on July 9-13 and July 16-20 from 9 am - 1 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be served. Remember that, as with all of our other programs, Summer Camp is FREE!!!!.

This year, Nehemiah is excited to announce that COSI will be at our facility on July 20th. COSI offers a mobile teaching program decided to build a better understanding of science, industry, and history through involvement in exhibits, demonstrations, and a variety of educational activities and experiences. The kids will be divided into smaller groups and they will visit learning stations for hands-on activities/learning. 


Through the Nehemiah Center Community Garden Project, the kids were able to create the Nehemiah Young Agronomist Club (NYCA). They were involved from the beginning (building raised garden beds, filling them with dirt and fertilizer, planting seedlings, watering, weeding, and watching), till the end (The Harvest!!). They also offered a Nehemiah Market that will be held on the grounds weekly, providing fresh produce to the neighborhood/community to purchase that is in walking distance to their homes. The harvest also supplies fresh vegetables for use in preparing the delicious meals made by our cooks in our Kids Cafe.


The Kids Cafe, in partnership with The Second Harvest Food Bank, provides a variety of quality foods, (meats, dairy, breads, fruits, vegetables) for our kids. Along with a healthy snack that is provided right after school, our many cooking teams have been committed to come in and prepare nutritious hot meals for us 3 days a week.


In cooperation with The Second Harvest Food Bank, we send kid friendly bags of food home on a weekly basis. Each bag contains 1 entree, 1 milk, 1 fruit juice drink, 1 canned vegetable, 1 canned fruit, 2 cereal bags, 1 cereal bar and several snacks.  According to Feeding America statistics, 1 in 5 kids in the city of Sandusky experience food insecurity. By providing kid-friendly foods, we ensure that our kids have food available to them at home over the weekend. Kids have enough things to worry about and food shouldn't be one of those!







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Volunteering at Nehemiah benefits the community, our kids and you  By investing your time, talent, wisdom, and experience you can make a difference today while also building our kids into the strong leaders needed for the next generation. By serving, you make new friendships, stay active, learn new skills and are involved in changing your community for the better.

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Working together we really can make a difference, but we need your help! Volunteer, donate, or just tell your friends about all the wonderful changes we are making and our vision for the future. When we all get involved, we can accomplish anything!

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Nehemiah Partners would like to recognize and thank our community partners: The Erie County Community Foundation, Feeding America, Michelle Wightman-Karrie Wieber Charitable Foundation, Second Harvest, & GFS

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